Two Early 18th Century Tot Cups

James Goodwin
1710 and 1718
1.7"(4.2 cm) and 1.75" (4.4 cm) high

Each with an inverted bell-shaped bowl standing on a moulded spreading foot. The Queen Anne example plain and the George I cup with slightly later initials E*S

£1650 each

1710 Cup, Mary Cooke Antiques, 2017.

1718 Cup, Albert Collection, p.125, No. 620, 2004

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These two simple but charming pieces of early 18th century silver are both in very good condition. The slightly smaller and later cup is engraved with E * S but appears to be over some earlier initials I.L. No attempt has been made to hide this and to try to remove the earlier ones might ruin the good colour and patination.