A Rare 17th Century Provincial Beaker

Probably Arthur Haslewood, Norwich
Circa 1650
3.4" (8.8 cm) high, 3.25" (8.3 cm) diameter at rim
3 oz

Of tapering cylindrical form with flared rim, the base applied with a fluted wire and the upper part engraved with parallel lines enclosing a running band of leaves shaped as arrow heads. The lines intersect in three equidistant places and with plumed scrolls either side of a central straight branch beneath each intersection. The front rim later engraved with initials and date "E.W" over 1688"


Henry Adams, 10th October, 2018, Lot 161.

Private Collection

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The attribution of this beaker to Norwich was reasonably straightforward. The characteristic rose is the clearest mark. Also visible is part of a crown  and furthermore the maker's mark is within a distinctive shaped punch and the sloping upright of the "A" (for Arthur Haslewood?) I is just visible, see Jackson, Revised Edition, p338. After several hours of examining these marks we are confident of our attribution. In support of this there is a similar beaker by the same maker illustrated in Christopher Hartop, East Anglian Silver 1550-1750, p.51, no.16. It too has the running band of stiff leaves shaped as arrow heads and also has the lobed punch surrounding the partly visible maker's mark.