A Group of Five Fine Mid-18th Century Cream Jugs 1740-1760

Paul De Lamerie, Ayme Videau and Unmarked
Between 4" (10.6cm) and 5.2" (13.2cm)
5-8oz each
Between £1500 and £5000

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A very good group of 5 cream jugs from the mid-18th century, two by Ayme Videau, one unmarked but almost certainly by Paul de Lamerie, another also unmarked, possibly by John Eckfourd and a third also unmarked but of good size and weight.

It was very common to find unmarked cream jugs at this time as it was a legal way of avoiding the punitive tax of sixpence an ounce. Not much by today's figures but seriously high for that time. The illegal way of avoiding this tax was to cut the marks out of an old or damaged piece and insert them into a newly made piece. These are generally called "Duty Dodgers" and today have to have the marks cancelled before being legal to sell. Unmarked silver from this time is perfectly legal and often of the heaviest guage.