A Good Pair of George II Cast Candlesticks

Thomas Whipham and Charles Wright
9.4" high, 24cm The bases 4.6" square

The square bases with gadroon borders and one corner of each base engraved with a crest of a stag statant with its front right leg raised. The domed centres partly with concave and convex fluting around a sunken well and supporting baluster octagonal columns each with 2 fluted knops rising to spool shaped sconces. The detachable nozzles of circular shape and engraved with the same crest.


As the crest is shared by around 100 different families it has been impossible to trace it.

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George II cast candlesticks are amongst the most popular items of silver for sale. It is easy to understand as an elegant pair such as these Whipham and Wright examples add so much not only to a dining table but to a general room setting. This pair, at 45oz, are a very good weight and the borders and edges are still sharp and not worn down due to over-polishing. The design falls into that period between the last vestiges of the rococo genre and the neoclassical influence of Robert Adam. In other words it was a period when there was no obvious design influence or direction. However, the appealing symmetry and solid plain form of these candlesticks has made them enduringly popular and for those worried about such chores they are easy to clean!!