A Good George II Cast Cream

Ayme Videau
5" (12.7cm) High
5 oz.

The turned circular foot chased with matting and a band of fluted shellwork. The lower part of the body of inverted pear shape with alternate feathered leaf and convex fluting. The upper part with a shaped rococo cartouche engraved with a crest surrounded by scrolls and further shellwork, all flanked by "c" scrolls with foliate swags running towards the lower junction of the handle. The latter applied to a small oval disc surrounded by further shellwork and scrolls. The narrow waisted neck with similar shells and foliage on a matted ground. The wavy rim with deep scrolls.


A similar Jug was sold by Sotheby's New York, 16th April, 2019, lot 361.

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For collectors of cream jugs this is a fully marked example of good quality. The imposition of a duty of sixpence per ounce in 1720 on all hallmarked silver had a twofold effect: It led to a sudden output of "Duty Dodgers" whereby marks from an old or damaged piece were cut out and soldered into a newly made piece. Secondly, it was not against the law to leave a piece unmarked which is why so many mid-18th century cream jugs were absent of marks in order to avoid the punitive tax.