A George I Side-Handled Coffee Pot

William Pearson
9" (22.9cm) High

The body of tapering cylindrical form and the handle applied at right angles to the cast octagonal swan-neck spout. The domed and hinged cover with a baluster finial and the baroque style arms engraved opposite the spout


The arms are those of Partridge of Bishop's Wood, probably for John Partridge who was born on 5th November 1672. He married Ester (sometimes Hester), daughter of John Ruston of Lidney, Gloucs., on 5th June 1704.  John Partridge was from Harborne and later Ross. He successfully established nail and iron factories in the Forest of Dean and in South Wales and died in May 1742.

Private Collection


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Being dated 1718 this pot was made in the compulsory higher Britannia Standard and is the classic form of pot of this type. Various theories have been put forward for the fashion of placing the handle and spout at 90 degrees to each other. Perhaps it was the influence of middle or far eastern examples or simply the fact that it was considered more convenient, both may have some truth. We even heard that by pouring with a side handled pot the arm remained straight as opposed to an aligned handle and spout where the elbow would be bent and possibly offend a guest. Whatever the reason the right-angled arrangement remained until about 1710 after which the front to back construction became increasingly popular.