A Fine Pair of George III Regency Grape Scissors

Paul Storr
7.4" (18.8cm) long
3.9 oz

The plain scissor-shaped blades engraved with a crest and with finely cast and chased stems of fruiting vines, The finger holes of plain oval reeded form.


Private Collection

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Grape scissors first appeared around 1800 and were traditionally like scissors but with more angled blades to the stems. gradually the latter became more elaborate and frequently followed contemporary flatware patterns line Kings, Fiddle thread and Shell, Beaded and others. By 1820 the form of the blades changed from scissor to a stepped design which lasted right through the 19th century.

Paul Storr made some of the best Grape Scissors during the first quarter of the 19th century

The crest is that of Blakeney or a variation of that spelling.