A Fine Pair of Arts and Crafts Waiters

Omar Ramsden
6.7" Diameter (17cm)
16.5 oz

Each of shaped circular form with a 16 pointed and stepped border enclosing a pellet at each promontory. The centres with a cut out scrolling fish upon a green enamelled ground, all surrounded by a rope wire. The bases with a simple wire foot of circular form enclosing the inscription "Omar Ramsden Me Fecit"


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These are amongst the prettiest waiters that came from Ramsden's workshop. A very similar but larger tray appeared as part of the collection of Sir Nicholas Goodison, Christies, 25th May 2002, lot 178. A footnote says " One of four mentioned in Ramsden's Workbook as 'Queen's Fish Tray'. Furthermore another dish of similar form but with an eagle over an enamelled ground appeared as lot 55 in the Campbell Collection, Christies, 20th April, 2005.

The somewhat gothic look of these waiters is more satisfying than the more usual type with the crenellated borders and probably were inspired by the bases of 14th and 15th century chalices. This was a recurring theme in much of Ramsden's work most and regularly seen in his considerable production of mazer bowls.