A Fine Large 20th Century Rat-tail Pattern Canteen with 3-pronged Forks

Mappin and Webb
Mostly 1985
Weighable silver: 125 oz

A reproduction service mainly for 12 place settings of plain design, the back of the spoon bowls with a simple rat-tail and the table and dessert forks with 3 prongs or tines. The table and dessert knives and the 3-piece carving set with pistol handles and stainless steel blades by C.W Fletcher, Sheffield, 1985. The fish knives and forks also with pistol handles but with silver blades and tines (by Mappin and Webb). The six fruit knives and forks with silver blades and tines and with mother of pearl handles (one knife odd) by West and Sons, Sheffield, 1913. The six tea knives and forks also with similar handles and with silver blades and tines, by Charles James Adam, Sheffield, 1923. All other pieces by Mappin and Webb, 1985


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The Rat-Tail design has been one of the most popular patterns ever since it first appeared during the latter part of the reign of Queen Anne. The original forks had only 3 tines or prongs and it is these that seem to have found favour with modern buyers rather than the more common 4 prong variety.

This canteen is in very good condition and has never been engraved with initials as is the case with most secondhand or antique sets.

The list of contents are:

12 Table knives, 12 Dessert Knives, 6 Tablespoons, 12 Tableforks, 12 Dessert Spoons, 12 Dessert Forks, 12 Teaspoons, 12 Coffee Spoons 12 Soup spoons, 12 Fish Knives, 12 Fish Forks, A pair of Sauce Ladles, A Pair of Fish Servers, A Carving Knife, Fork and Steel, 6 Fruit Knives and Forks with Mother of Pearl Handles, 6 Tea Knives and Forks with Mother of Pearl Handles.

The weighable silver does not include any of the knives nor the fish knives and forks; total number of pieces: 157.

There is a rising top 2 drawer mahogany case but it is not the original and some pieces do not fit particularly well. However most owners prefer cutlery rolls as they take up far less space. These can be supplied on request.