A Fine Charles II Tumbler Cup

Hugh Roberts
2" (5.1cm) High, 2.8" (7.1cm) Diameter
1.75 oz

Of tapering circular shape with matted sides below a plain band at the rim, the latter with reeded and fluted edge. The base with engraved concentric circles around the central hallmarks.


The Gerald Davies Collection

Alastair Dickenson Ltd 2018

Private Collection

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Tumbler cups seem to have appeared during the reign of Charles II, one of the earliest being dated 1663 and illustrated in Robert R. Wark, British Silver in the Huntingdon Collection, p.18, no.38. The use of matted decoration, which was widely used in the 16th century, also became popular again at this time and is sometimes seen on tankards, standing cups as well as tumblers. This example is in very good condition with all the matting having survived without any "bald" patches. The maker's mark H.R  is attributed by David Mitchell as being possibly that of Hugh Roberts, See "Silversmiths in Elizabethan and Stuart London", pages 329-330.