A Fine Charles II Tankard

Osmond Strickland
6.75" (17.2cm) high
27.5 oz

Typically of tapering cylindrical shape with "S" scroll handle, the front engraved with contemporary arms within plumed mantling and the flat hinged cover with cast bifurcated scroll thumbpiece.


The arms are probably those of Carey.

Bulgari, May 28th 1962.

Private Collector, Brazil.

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Rarely, this tankard has a superb colour and patination and is unusual in that it has two maker's marks on the handle. The mark that appears on the body and cover is O.S identified in David Mitchell, Silversmiths of Elizabethan and Stuart London, pages 426-7, as probably being that of Osmond Strickland. However, whilst the same maker's mark is struck at the top of the handle underneath the hinge, another mark of FL is struck lower down. Similarly, Mitchell identifies this as probably being that of Francis Leake, brother to Ralph Leake. No obvious connection has been found between the two silversmiths so the most likely scenario is perhaps Strickland was on a deadline to finish the tankard and enlisted the help of Leake to make a handle. It was perfectly legal for a silversmith to have his own maker's punch in his workshop so perhaps Leake unwittingly sent the handle to Strickland bearing his "F.L" mark. Furthermore the positioning of Leake's mark is in the usual place, generally about half way down the handle whereas Strickland's mark is under the hinge.

The arms are difficult to identify with any certainty as there appears to be little or no tinctures. The family with the most consistent use of three roses on a bend is that of Carey. A possible contender could be Robert Carey, 7th Baron Hunsdon who was born in 1649 and died in 1702. He would have been 21 years old during the hallmarking year which generally ran from May for twelve months.