A Fine 18th Century Gold and Mother of Pearl Corkscrew

2.75" high, 7cm. 1.9" wide, 4.8cm

Of "T" shape with tapering screw-off stem and spirally fluted. The elongated barrel shaped handle of mother or pearl banded in reeded gold strips and with a spy glass at the ends. Complete with its original gold tooled leather case (3.25" x 2.3", 8.25cm x 6cm


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The origins of this beautiful corkscrew have two likely possibilities. Although this form of corkscrew was well known in England during the last quarter of the 18th century very few gold examples are known. The gold tooling to the case is much more continental in style and most likely to be from either Holland or France especially as corkscrews of this shape are known from both of these countries. It is rare to find such a corkscrew with its original case and apart from a few scuffs to the leather commensurate with its age it is in very good condition.