An Extremely Rare Chalres II Small Goblet

Maker's Mark I.C probably for John Cruttall
2.25" high, 1.9"diameter (5.5cm and 4.5cm)

The bowl  of plain slightly tapering cylindrical form upon a short baluster stem and with plain spreading circular foot.


How of Edinburgh, October 15th, 1943.

Sir Clive Edwards

Bonhams, November 13th 2013, lot 156

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This delightful and rare piece poses a few difficult questions: is it a toy of larger than average size? Is it a child's cup or possibly a tot cup?

Whatever the answer it is fully marked on the bowl and bears a lion passant on the foot. This is entirely the norm for larger wine cups of the period from which the present cup is clearly derived. The proportions of the bowl, however, are such that it suggests a practical use rather than a child's plaything. It is also unlikely that a toy would bear a mark on the foot.

Commander How, writing in 1943, commented "This is one of the earliest and rarest miniatures I have ever seen". Unfortunately he had mis-read the date letter as being that of 1638!


When this piece was sold by Bonhams over 5 years ago it was part of the "Milntown Collection" which was formed by the late Sir Clive Edwards of Milntown, Isle of Man .