An Arts and Crafts Three Piece Condiment Set

Omar Ramsden and Alwyn Carr
1917 and 1927
The Mustard Pot 4" (10.2cm) high, The Salts 2.4" (6.1cm) high
7 oz

The Mustard Pot (made by Alwyn Carr, 1927) of cylindrical shape upon a curved spreading base. The sides embossed with 4 Standard roses with knotted roots at the bottom. The scroll handle formed as three wires joined by 3 pairs of brackets and the domed lid with simple plain thumbpiece. The interior with later clear glass liner.

The salts of matching design with plain flared rims and with pale green glass liners (By Ramsden and Carr, 1917)


The salts sold at Woolley and Wallis, January 25th, 2011, lot 950

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Although this is a matched set it is interesting to note that Alwyn Carr was still producing silver to the same designs as in his partnership with Omar Ramsden that was dissolved in 1919. This "Standard Rose" design was popular with the partnership's clientele and works particularly well in this condiment set.. It also shows that Carr was still capable of procucing beautiful silver many years after the 1919 separation.