A Group of 18th Century Punch Strainers

Various Makers

A group of Punch or Lemon Strainers, all from the first half of the 18th century


Private Collection

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Top Left: Strainer by William Plummer, 1755,  span 7",  £575.

Top Centre: Strainer by John Albright, Britannia Standard, 1719, span 6 4/5",  engraved with a fine crest of a man's head  £850

Top Right: Strainer by John Gamon, 1737,  span 6",  £595

2nd Row: Large strainer by Joseph Walker, Dublin, span 10 3/8",  SOLD

3rd Row Left:  Fine Strainer by John Albright, 1722, span 6 4/5",  £1150

3rd Row Centre: Rare strainer (illustrated in an old article on strainers) with solid handles by Samuel Welder, 1726, span 7 3/4",  £975 SOLD

3rd Row Right: Strainer by William Fleming, Britannia standard, 1725, span 5 1/2",  £750

Bottom Centre: Strainer, unmarked, circa 1745, span 4 1/2",  SOLD